Ogden Waters Trip

Other Events

We will be celebrating Arts week at Abbey Park on the week beginning the 27th June 2016. The theme this year will be 'Earth Art' and the children will be exploring colours, patterns and elements of the natural world.

As part of Arts week all children in school will be taking part in a Natural Art Workshop at Ogden Waters on either Thursday 30th June or Friday 1st July (please see the table below). Children will be attending these workshops in school hours so please ensure your child arrives promptly on the day of their trip. All children will be back in school for 3:00pm.

Thursday 30th June

AM Session PM Session
Years 3 & 4 Years 5 & 6

Friday 1st July

AM Session PM Session
Years 1 & 2 Nursery & Reception

We are asking parents to contribute ?5 per child to cover the cost of the workshops. Please can you send this money into school with your child in a clearly labelled sealed envelope.

Children will need to come to school in full uniform and dressed appropriately for the weather as we will be spending time outdoors (suncream/sunhat or waterproof coat).

As is it Arts week, the children will be creating their own sketch books using recylcled paper. If you have any scrap paper (e.g. rolls of wallpaper, cards, spare paper) please can you send these in with your child. All donations are welcome!