Reading Partnership

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We know that parental involvement has the biggest impact on children's achievement. We are therefore looking at setting up a working party to promote the importance of reading. This is where you come in! It doesn't matter what your background is, what you do for a job, or how confident with reading you are - you can make a difference to reading in our school and ultimately make a difference for your children.

You do not have to commit to attending a set number of meetings, attend any training or listen to a lecture about how to hear children read. We want to hear your opinions and find out how we can work together to create a school where our children love to read because they know being a good reading and enjoying reading will open up a world of opportunities for them.

We are looking for 'Family Reading Ambassadors' who can suggest fun, creative ideas for reading promotions that will engage other families and generally spread the word about the importance of reading.

The first informal meeting (with refreshments!) will be held on Monday 2nd May at 2:30pm in the schools library. We would love as many parents, carers and grandparents to join us as possible in order for us to gather as many different options and ideas as we can.

If you are interested in getting involved but are unable to attend the first meeting then please let Mrs. Kermotschuk know the best time for you to attend these meetings.

We look forward to seeing you!